The Budget Committee is a standing sub-committee of the General Assembly. Its mission is to prepare and present an annual draft budget to the General Assembly, based upon the budget requests and income projections from standing committees and working groups and the prioritization of expenses as described in the GPCA's Fiscal Policy, and shall contain income and expense narratives that explain the purpose of each budget line item.

Members from the Finance Committee members shall include the Treasurer and two at-large members, appointed by the Finance Committee. Members from the Coordinating Committee shall include the Coordinating Committee liaison to the Finance Committee and two at-large members, appointed by the Coordinating Committee. For more information, see the Budget Committee section of the GPCA Fiscal Policy.

Current Members (FY2013-2014 budget preparation)
Tim Laidman, Coordinating Committee liaison
Doug Barnett, Treasurer
Maxine Daniel, Finance Committee
Susan Chunco, Finance Committee
Marla Bernstein, Coordinating Committee
Alex Shantz, Coordinating Committee
Former Members (FY2012-2013 budget preparation)
Warner Bloomberg, Coordinating Committee
Maxine Daniel, Finance Committee
Barry Hermanson, Coordinating Committee
Tim Laidman, Coordinating Committee liaison
Jeanne Rosenmeier, Treasurer