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    Support the Green Party

    This page is for once-off donations. If you'd like to contribute regularly, you can become a monthly sustainer here. Thank you!

    OccupyLAGP.jpgThe Green Party stands for:

    • Green jobs, public education, universal health care, civil rights, and civil liberties for all
    • Strong action to stop global warming
    • An end to corporate personhood and corporate control of our country

    We need your support so that we can successfully promote our platform, elect more Greens, and grow our party. 

    The Green Party does not take corporate donations. We are self-funded by people like you.
      Your support will enable us to hire a voter registration field organizer to expand our base and organize our volunteers.  Hundreds of thousands of Californians would register Green, if only we can reach them. With your donation, we can.

    Help us continue to organize in communities and expand our voter registration efforts. You may use the form below to make a one-time donation, or join our Sustainer Program to have an even greater impact.

    If you prefer to mail a check instead of donating on-line, send your check toGreen Party of California, PO Box 485, San Francisco, CA 94104-0485


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    Support the Green Party with your donation

    Please support the Green Party with a financial contribution - the Green Party doesn't take corporate donations, unlike other political parties. We are self-funded by people like you.


    It is the Green Party's official party status that is providing for a Green alternative on the presidential ballot this fall - and we are receiving unprecedented media coverage of our campaign 


    Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate supporting living wages, universal single-payer health care and eliminating student debt -- while promoting a Green New Deal to address climate change and create good green jobs.


    It will be your contributions that keep this going, by funding voter registration drives to keep our ballot status, supporting Green candidates and policies, and funding party staff and infrastructure we need to respond to the new interest we are receiving this election - including locally in Los Angeles County, where we are growing in all parts of the county.