Election: GPUS Delegation, 12 delegates, July 2018 - June 2020

Ranked Choice Vote ID 162
Ranked Choice Vote Election: GPUS Delegation, 12 delegates, July 2018 - June 2020
Number of seats 12
Type Secret Ballot
Ranked Choice Vote Administrator 

Victoria Ashley, Brian Good, Laura Wells, Eric Brooks



Discussion 05/07/2018 - 06/17/2018
Voting 06/18/2018 - 06/24/2018
Voting ends at Midnight Pacific Time  
Result  N/A

Presens Quorum

16 0.5001


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General Assembly

Green Party of California

Hosted by San Joaquin County Green Party

Saturday/Sunday, June 9-10, 2018


Burwood 1 room of the Wentworth Education Center, 2707 Transworld Drive, Stockton, CA 95206.

General Information

Draft Agenda




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According to the Delegate Apportionment Formula in Section 8-6 of GPUS Rules and Procedures Article VIII National Committee Size and Delegate Allocation (http://gpus.org/rules-procedures/#08 ), the Green Party of California (GPCA) is entitled to 25 delegates on the 150 member National Committee of the Green Party of the United States.

According to GPCA bylaws, the GPCA elects its GPUS delegates and alternates to staggered, two-year terms via the Standing General Assembly, during the same time period as elections to the GPCA Coordinating Committee (http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2016-07-03#Section_8-2_Membership ).

This election is for 12 delegate seats on the GPUS Delegation, for two year terms running from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020. The election is conducted by Ranked Choice Voting. Ranked Choice Voting is explained here http://www.fairvote.org/reforms/fair-representation-voting/choice-voting • http://www.fairvote.org/reforms/instant-runoff-voting • http://www.sfgov2.org/index.aspx?page=876 • http://www.acgov.org/rov/rcv. Ranking 'No Other Candidate' (NOC) means once NOC passed the approval threshold, no further candidates will be elected, other than those (if any) who have already been elected before NOC reached the threshold.


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Bio and Statement - Josefina Aranda

Green Party experience:

- Registered Green since the late 1990s

- Ran for Santa Monica City Council as a Green in 2002

- GPUS Delegation alternate since 2007 to 2011

- GPUS Delegation Delegate, 2012 to present

- Member, GPUS Latinx Caucus

- Member, GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee

Community Activities:

2002-2007 Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Pier Restoration Board of Directors: Appointed twice by the Santa Monica City Council

12/00-01/02 Los Angeles, CA

Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing - Housing LA Campaign Coordinator: Planned and implemented public education and outreach strategies for a $100 million housing trust fund campaign; designed campaign literature, organized citywide forums, and lobbied elected officials; responsible for communication and collaboration with labor unions, non-profit agencies, developers and faith-based institutions in the greater Los Angeles area.

1997-1999 Santa Monica, CA

Westside Coalition for Peace and Social Justice Coordinator: Advocacy organization working towards increasing educational opportunity, developing leadership, and lobbying for affordable housing. Served as liaison between community based organizations and state representatives; structured and implemented programs for "at risk youth" with a focus on education and employment.

1996-1999 Santa Monica, CA

City of Santa Monica/Terry Thelma Community Center Employment Counselor: Coordinated employment services for over 400 residents; marketed and promoted program services to local businesses and governmental agencies; maintained relationships with community based organizations, community leaders and local representatives in order to enhance program, evaluated community needs via focus groups and surveys; established year-round program planning goals; provided direct services such as: pre-employment assessments, case management, job training, and development for residents in search of career opportunities.

1996-1999 Los Angeles, CA

Chicana/o Studies Coalition

Co-founder: Proactive student oriented organization advocating for Chicana/o Studies, higher education, adult education, and development of cultural institutions. Planned and organized community forums, fundraising projects, and action research.

1992-1996 Los Angeles, CA

Associated Student Union, UCLA Recreational Department Assistant Manager: Processed payroll and allocated funds for facility management; managed over 25 budget accounts; supervised 15 employees; planned and assigned work schedules; recruited, interviewed, and hired personnel based on organizational guidelines.

1992-1995 Los Angeles, CA


Retention Committee Representative: Education Coordinator and Women's Unit Coordinator: Chaired both the Women's Unit and Educational Committee; responsible for organizing political forums and workshops on issues relevant to the Chicana/o community.

1991-1992 Santa Monica, CA

City of Santa Monica Youth in Action Center Organizer: Developed and taught community organizing skills to high school and college students through specialized workshops and training sessions; participated in public speaking events, engaged in public relations activities; served as youth advocate; handled promotion and recruitment; set up workshops and facilitated meetings surrounding youth issues.

1990-1991 Santa Monica, CA

United Farm Workers of America Union

Coordinator: Organized informative pickets and leafleting of targeted businesses; developed educational workshops that informed the public about the plight of farm workers in America.


Teachers College, Columbia University - New York, New York

  Master of Arts Degree in Curricula and Teaching (2002)

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) - Los Angeles, California

  Bachelors of Art Degree in Sociology (1998)

  Bachelors of Arts Degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies (1998)

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Bio and Statement - Doug Barnett

My name is Doug Barnett. I am applying for the job of GPUS Delegate. I have been on the Delegation and currently I am on the Coordinating Committee of GPCA.

This is my resume:

Clerk, Religious Society Of Friends 1988-present

Owner, The Plant, 1994-1996

  2,800 sq ft. factory to build (one a month, partly Ag or Au plated) all-electric limousines seating four couples and a chauffeur. The entire uni-body design, reflecting the motif of an orthogonal Green&Green house, was to be oven-brazed in a single melt Hydrogen atmosphere oven, all running gear and motor-control from existing OEMs.

Sole Owner, POVscreenWorks, 1978 – 1984

  Television commercial/ special effects film company that produced ads for Halmark, Timex et al , spent weeks underwater on the film Piranha. Shot the re-life scene of 'Conan The Barbarian' and the death by Frisbee of the bad guy in 'Tron'.

Built specialized movie cameras for LucasFilm, 'GhostBusters', Atari and built a special film camera-to-computer for US Air Force KC135 airborne refueling techniques.

Built a 24 foot x 7 foot, 10 foot overhead tracked computer controlled 'tabletop' fist-sized 35mm robotic movie camera with remote film magazines.

Technician, ILM, 1975 –  1981

Ran, at my home, an in-patient clinic for the only actual (built in the studios in England) R2D2, C3P0 et.al. during 1977-79. I replaced all batteries and electrics with redundant systems.

Film credits for the first 'StarWars' 1975-77, 'StarTrek' 1979-80, 'MetalStorm', et.al.

Senior optical technician, Photosonics, 1973 – 1975

Built 1,000 frame-per-second pin registered film cameras, three in one year. Fabricated lens for US and NATO country metric (measurement) theodolites. Repaired cameras on San Clemente Island for the US Navy.

Warehouseman, Ralphs Grocery Company, 1971 – 1973

Unloaded rail boxcars and ran forklift

Technician, CSI, 1971 –  1972

Built two briefcase radiotelephones for the King of Thailand

Technician-Janitor, Volpar Aircraft, 1968 –1969

Single hanger; Company re-manufactured Twin-Beechcraft Model-18's as tricycle adding Air- Research geared turboprops.

I bought a Dassault Falcon-20 cn58 from the owner in 1994

Repair Technician, Titanum Metal Forming, 1966 – 1966

Installed and repaired overhead lighting, hydro-formed Hughes-300 doors, general repairs.

Company was owned by Frank Sinatra and Bill Barcoff.

Allan Hancock College, AA, Theater

  The Invalid


  Richard The III

  A Midsummer Nights Dream

Pacific Ackworth Foundation, Board Member, Foundation Secretary & Treasurer, 1987 – Present

A fantastic $8,200,000 three acre pre-school in Temple City, California

State Treasurer, Green Party Of California, 2012 – 2018

KPFK 90.7 FM, on & off, 1999 – 2017  

Board Member, Board Secretary, Finance & Personnel committees, Facilities Director

Voter elected member, two terms Acton Town Council, 1997 – 2001

Phoneman, Assistant Treasurer,  IndyMedia.org, May – Aug 2000

Installed my 16 line Toshiba PBX and 22 POTs lines; two ISDN and a full T-1 (on my credit card) snaking cables up the stairwells for the public response to the closed 'Democratic Convention'.

Combat Medic, 91B10, Medical Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat  91U20, Marksmanship, Sharpshooter, US Army License RA-18881910

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Bio and Statement - June Brashares

My vision for serving as a Delegate: I want to participate in helping the GPUS so that it operates in a positive productive manner providing support to build and strengthen the Party nationally. My vision is for the Green Party to be the effective electoral arm of movements for social, environmental, racial and economic justice. I see the role of being a GPUS Delegate as being accountable to the GPCA, thoughtfully representing the diverse California membership and carefully voting in the best interests of the GPCA and the GPUS.

Relevant Experience: I've been a registered Green Party member for over 17 years. I've served as a member of the California delegation to GPUS from 2007 to 2011, and from 2012 to the present. I've been a Delegate to the National Green Party Conventions in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

From 2000-2009, I was active in the Green Party in San Francisco and was elected to serve on the SF County Council from 2002 to 2004. Since moving to Sonoma County in 2009, I've been a member of the Sonoma County Green Party County Council from 2010 to the present. I've served on the GPCA Coordinating Committee from 2012-2014 and 2016 to the present.

In 2000, I was the Campaign Manager for Green Party candidate Medea Benjamin's campaign for US Senate. I've also worked as the CA Campaign Co-Manager for Jill Stein in the 2012 California Green Party Presidential Primary, and on signature drives to successfully place Jill Stein on the ballot in Alabama, Kentucky and Virginia for the 2012 General Election for President. I have volunteered on numerous other Green Party campaigns.

I have a degree in Political Science from the University of California San Diego and have worked for non-profits dedicated to serve the public interest, consumer and environmental protections, Labor, human rights and peace. For many years I've worked in the profession of clean renewable energy.

* * *

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Bio and Statement - Steve Breedlove

My objective as a delegate is to represent the Green Party of California by staying engaged in online discussions, canvassing other CA Greens for guidance in decision-making, never missing a vote, participating in monthly calls and attending Delegation Meetings and the Annual National Meeting. I may be interested in serving on National Committees on behalf of CA Greens.

The knowledge and skills I bring to the table are diverse. Specifically, I hold degrees in History (Western US Environmental) and International Relations (Peacekeeping). My graduate education primarily focused on international development, environmental issues and economic imperialism. I am a veteran. I also contracted for the DoD and thus I am more intimately familiar with aspects of imperial bureaucracy and the military-industrial complex than most and will bring this perspective to the GPUS. I currently contract with the Department of Transportation as an air traffic controller. I am still an avid reader, heavily influenced by Murray Bookchin and Wendell Berry.

I am a Certified Permaculture Designer, intending to pursue Social Permaculture as my concentration. With a solid foundation of food production and ecology, I am implementing a homestead on half an acre. I also sit on the board of Earthshed Solutions, a local educational nonprofit, which is my primary vehicle for local activism. I am engaged in homelessness issues locally and am a partner in a project networking, block by block, residents,schools and churches to implement an urban edible landscape design for personal and economic resiliency in the city's poorest neighborhood. You can read my bio at https://earthshed.org/aboutus/board-of-directors/.

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Bio and Statement - Veronika Fimbres

My vision is to represent the diversity, and inclusion of our party for those disenfranchised, and without a political home.

Currently a Write-In Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor of California


  I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse with over thirty-five years of experience.


  HIV/AIDS Testing Counselor, (#1030)

  Blood Withdrawal Certification

  Intravenous Therapy Certification

  Electronic Medical/Patient Charting and Documentation

  Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook  

  Computer savvy with a typing/data entry speed @ 45 wpm


VITAS Healthcare, San Mateo, CA 2016- 2017

  Provided direct skilled bedside nursing care and one-on-one patient centered practice

  Responsible for proper charting and documentation of patient care

  Evaluated patient and family needs in the preparation and executions of interdisciplinary plan of care for each patient on the team

  Monitored and evaluated  patients reaction to treatment plans

  Performed selected acts in care of the terminally ill under the direct supervision of a registered nurse; such acts include the administration of treatments and medications

Mental Health Nurse, Menlo Park, HVRP Program, Menlo Park, CA 2015-2016

  Work with homeless veterans that have multiple diagnoses, such as PTSD, Substance Abuse, Mental Illness and Homelessness

  Dispense medications according to medical orders, and interact with the clients by presenting a positive and optimistic attitude, that they can and will achieve what they are trying to do, with and in their lives

Dispensary Coordinator, Marin Treatment Center, San Rafael, CA 2014-2014

  Supervised the scheduling, hiring, and training of per-diem nurses, to dispense Methadone to the clients of the clinic

  Opened the clinic, turned off and on the Security System. Gave staff performance and work evaluations according to their time there

  Ordered Methadone from the DEA, ordered supplies necessary for the medical portion of the clinic, which includes laboratory supplies, and supplies to draw blood for the tests given

  Did monthly scheduling to accommodate the client base, and the nurse shifts

  Conducted monthly medical meetings to update the staff on what is currently trending, and the changes being made

  Met with the Director, Assistant Director, Clinical Director, Doctor, and Intake Coordinator on a weekly basis to discuss clients, and their progress, or downfalls

  Deliver Methadone to our clients, and Courtesy Dosers at the Marin County Jail

  Worked in tandem with the Detention Nurses, and picked up released inmates doses to return to the dispensary.

  Returned contaminated and scrapped doses to the destructive/scrapping arm of the DEA. Worked closely with the Doctor

  Transcribed, and put in medical orders, lab results, nurses notes, etc in the Electronic Health Records

Staff Nurse, Hospice By The Bay, San Francisco, CA 2008-2010

  Conducted critical assessment and offered care for patients that had six months or less to live

  Worked closely with the Medical Director in taking phone orders, calling and faxing them in to the pharmacy, and administering medicines and treatments as needed for end of life comfort

  Collaborated with the following disciplines: Pharmacist, Social Worker, Home Health Aides, Chaplaincy, Volunteer Coordinator, Wound Care Specialist, Coroner/Medical Examiner, Resource Nurse, Patient Care Coordinator, and the patients and their families

  Ordered supplies and medications as needed, performed wound care, and sterile dressing changes

  Provided comprehensive pain management via Pharmaceuticals and monitoring of patient

  Presented information needed for families on the dying process, and what to expect at each stage of the process and where the patient currently is in the process of dying


  New College of California, San Francisco, CA — Humanities & Leadership

  San Francisco City College, San Francisco, CA — LGBT Studies


  My Health eVet at SFVAMC

  Client Services Manager, AIDS Emergency Fund

  Speaker for Volunteer Training Program; Shanti

  Taught Self-Esteem course to incarcerated Transgenders at San Francisco County Jail, #8

  TG Educator at W.O.R.L.D.’s Women’s Retreat

  Speaker at Northern California Grant Makers Conference

  Speaker at the Millennium March on Washington, DC

  Co-Chair of the “Re-Elect Willie Brown” Lavender Group

  Ryan White Care Council Member

  San Francisco Transgender Task Force Member

  Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative, SF

  First Transgender Co-Chair of the PWA Caucus

  Panelist for Third Year Medical Students, UCSF

  First Aid Nurse at Dore Alley & Folsom Street Fairs for over six years





  San Francisco Sheriff’s Department


  Published in the International Library of Photography’s, 2002 publication, “Infinite Illusions.”


  California Nurses Association

  American Legion, Alexander Hamilton Post #448

  Black Nurses Association


  First Transgender to hold office in the City and County of San Francisco appointed, elected, or otherwise as Commissioner of Veteran’s Affairs

  National Defense Service Medal (United States Navy)

  Testimony of Spirit Award, Shanti

  Fred Skau Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award, AIDS Emergency Fund

  Certificate of Honor, City and County of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors

  Bobby Campbell “AIDS Hero Award,” Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

  Community Advocate Award

  AIDS “Local Hero” Award, KQED/DuPont Pharmaceuticals

  First “Out and Proud” Transgender Scholarship Recipient, TSELF

  Certificate of Honor, District 6 Democratic Club

  Commendation from the Honorable Governor Gray Davis

  Certificate of Appreciation, Shanti Board of Directors

  First Transgender to appear in a National AIDS Magazine: POZ

  Veterans Volunteer Service Award (2)

  2013 Pride Parade Community Grand Marshal

WEBSITE:  http://veronikafimbres.com/

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Bio and Statement - Sadie Fulton

I would love an opportunity to serve on the GPUS Delegation for California.

I first got involved in the Green Party of California in mid-2016, after moving here from the UK, where I was employed as a trade union organizer and led convoys to the Calais refugee camp in my spare time. I have been grateful for my time working with the Green Party to date - meeting many wonderful people and doing my bit to help the Green Party as we draw in more activists, activate more counties, swell out our skills and influence to greater and greater levels. I am excited about the opportunities currently on the table for us as a party.

So far I have worked tirelessly to reactivate the Green Party of Yolo County and currently serve as its Chair; I have worked with GROW and CCWG on a variety of party-building missions; I am serving on the Coordinating Committee, where I put forward a motion to endorse the People's Petition for Peace, and the IT Committee, where I am helping facilitate a transition to a new fresher website; I am serving as campaign manager to our endorsed Gubernatorial candidate for 2018, Josh Jones, for which I am working around the clock for no pay. I continuously strive to identify and support new young people in the party, as I believe one of the hallmarks of effective organizing is constant talent scouting, mentoring, all in the hope of developing a culture where we replace ourselves, constantly bringing in fresh ideas and enabling us to scale further heights together. That is the nature of a living organization, and it's why I ceded my space as SGA delegate to make room for a newer activist to have a turn.

I want to serve on the GPUS Delegation because I believe California has a key role to play in helping guide and support the national movement. I want to help make it easier for Green Party activists in California to be involved with the national party, and to help keep the party's links to my generation strong.

I hope you'll consider voting for me.

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Bio and Statement - Reed Heisley-Shellaby

The Green Party needs to build a plan for a just transition out of capitalism and towards an eco-socialist society in which workers own the enterprises they work in and produce for human needs. We need to engage with people with politics that empower them to change everyday life. Change means we need to inquire and educate ourselves, and I will help develop an online program of education to help Greens across the US ask the right questions. The GPUS should be open to all who are committed to our Ten Key Values. As a delegate to the GPUS, I will confront systems of oppression in US society and when they manifest even within our own party. 

I have seven years experience in education, as both a classroom teacher and a private academic tutor. I volunteered for two of Kenneth Mejia's campaigns for Congress, where I weekly contributed as a community organizer and canvasser. I understand the commitment, patience, and energy it takes to listen and lead in order to come to consensus on controversial issues.

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Bio and Statement - Aidan Hill

My name is Aidan Hill (they/them) and I am applying to be a Green Party of California Delegate during the 2018-2020 election cycle. I remember the day I became a Green. I spoke to Jill Stein at a Berkeley rally and asked her for advice on how to run for office as an independent. I, 22 at the time, did not trust any major political party to create the transformations I saw necessary for a climate-adapted and post-capitalist world. Patiently, she told me “You can’t do it by yourself...come to my San Francisco rally and I’ll introduce you.” I summoned up the courage to go, bike in hand. I got to the event and saw everyone so communicative and diverse—it was as if I was in Les Miserables and was a part of the revolution. For the last 8 years, I have learned public policy, rhetoric, diplomacy, media, and political science to better understand and promote the welfare of this world. Working as either student staff or as a volunteer for groups such as Planned Parenthood, the California Public Interest Research Group, and California Community College association, Vegan Animal Republic in Berkeley. I have underscored not only diplomatic language and procedure but also a high proficiency in small groups, interpersonal communications and public speaking relating to my degree in communication studies. As such, I have worked for the Green Party in two key functions including a Councilor for the Green Party of Alameda, and a founder for Green Party “at” Berkeley (on the UCB Campus). As such, I am continuously putting my planning and effort on every level of governance to expand my knowledge of the party. I hope to not only preserve nature-based conservation efforts but also expand the power of marginalized actors within our party. These will include but are not limited to a donation based market focused primarily on reparations, information and communication technology (ICT) transfers between county parties including ethical guidelines and principles, as well as best enhance and represent the caucuses I participate in including the Youth, Womxn’s, Lavender, Latinx, and Black caucuses. In 2016, after visited Houston, TX in 2016 for the Green Party Primary Election, I realized this was the party I was looking for. In this two-party system, individuals have nothing tangible to vote for; just ideas. My goal as a delegate is to introduce legislation and positions that connect the voter to the system in which the vote takes place.

Prior Experience:

- Green Party Alameda County (Councilor) - 2017-present

- Green Party “at” Berkeley (Founder) - 2017-present

- Model United Nations - Head Delegate; Assistant Advisor: Topic ranging from Peace and Security to Human Rights to Environmental Waste Management.

- Student Government (Riverside City College) - Senator: Legislative Committee Chair, Finance Committee Secretary; Supreme Court: Justice, Pro-Tempore, Chielf Justice.

- California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG “at” Berkeley) - Visibility Coordinator; Public Speaker - Bag Ban 2016

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Bio and Statement - Josh Jones

My name is Josh Jones and I am running for the GPUS delegation.

I am currently the Green Party's endorsed candidate for Governor of California 2018, a member of Green Party of California Coordinating Committee, and a member of Green Party of Yolo County Council.

As part of my campaign have been traveling to all 58 counties of California. I hope to use the knowledge I have learned from people attending my campaign meetings, rallies, and corporate-free candidate panels to effectively represent Green interests at the national level.

In addition to running for Governor, I have a robust background as an organizer. I first registered Green in 1996. Since then I have campaigned for single payer healthcare, regenerative agriculture, against trans-fats in our food, against neonicotinoids which kill bees, and more.

In the 2000s I was reregistered as a Republican due to election fraud, but I continued voting Green. Later, in July of 2015, I founded Davis for Bernie Sanders and campaigned vigorously with 300 volunteers through that campaign to the national primary of June 2016.

After the cheating of the state primaries I worked to uncover the widespread corruption and fraud at all levels in the Democratic Party; national, CA State, and Yolo county. I came back to the Green Party with newfound activist networks, political know-how, and skills.

I now serve on the state Coordinating Committee and work actively with GROW so that my candidacy can serve the party's grassroots organizing efforts and to encourage disaffected voters to register Green.

I would like to be on the National Delegation so that I can continue to help building the Green Party on all levels.

* * *

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Bio and Statement - Tarik Kanaana

I have been serving as a delegate to the National Committee (NC) of GPUS since 2014 and am applying for my third term. I was elected as Co-coordinator of the delegation, along with Peggy Koteen, in May 2017 and have been in that position for a year. In applying for continued membership in the delegation, I have two main goals. Firstly, to represent the will of California Greens in the NC and help continue the growth of the Green Party of the US as a viable alternative. Secondly, with the help of my co-coordinator and members of the delegation, continue the process of revitalizing and building the delegation by making it more relevant, transparent and streamlined. My work for the Green Party over the years at all levels, local, state, and national, have given me the knowledge and insight to achieve these goals.

I have been a member of the Sonoma County Council since 2012, a California delegate since 2014 and a member of the GPCA Coordinating Committee since 2015. I have attended a majority of General Assemblies since becoming active and have been one of the main organizers of the last three.

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Bio and Statement - Jared Laiti

A Green voter since I was eligible to vote, I am committed to the full political independence of the Green Party from the corporate-owned parties and believe that we should run the strongest possible campaigns for every office. GPUS must embody our 10 key values in order to draw support for them. Likewise, if we hope to change the current political system, we must challenge it at its root. We must move beyond capitalism if we are to ever live in a world based on our values.

I have been active at all levels of the party, from local to national. I currently serve as GPCA Liaison to the Secretary of State. I graduated as valedictorian from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in May, 2010. I was admitted to the State Bar of California in December, 2010.

I am willing to continue to serve in the interests of having a strong CA delegation to GPUS. Please re-elect me to the GPCA delegation to the GPUS so that I can help work to make the GPUS a stronger force for democratizing our current political system and a living example of our key value of grassroots democracy.

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Bio and Statement - Jon Mann

Web Page: http://www.smartvoter.org/2012/11/06/ca/la/vote/mann_j/

I would like to be a delegate to increase my participation as a Green to work toward making the Green Party a powerful voice in local, national and world governments. I am a committed member of the Green Party, promoting sustainability in our community and environment, justice in our social programs and as an advocate for resident rights in our local neighborhoods.

I would like to promote inclusion for those of us in LA county who have been disenfranchised from participating in local Green politics. I have run for Santa Monica City Council 16 times and have only received the endorsement of the Green Party once, due to virulent opposition from Michael Feinstein for refusing to be one of his puppets, and for my strident opposition to local gentrification in Santa Monica. I was an activist in support of Measure LV in 2016 (the LUVE amendment), the resident referendum to oppose over development. Michael Feinstein manipulated the LA County Greens to OPPOSE measure LV!

I became radicalized in 1963 when I was based at Anacostia Naval Air Station in SW Washington D.C. during the Poor Peoples March On Washington. We were told there would be a race riot and confined to base. I was reduced in rank to Seaman for going AWOL to see Martin Luther King.

After the Navy, I was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). After college I joined the New American Movement (NAM), founded by Dorothy Healy. I was also at Kent State, the Battle in Seattle, the Million Mom March and every Moratorium against the Vietnam war. Recently I was a Peacekeeper for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention.

I have long been a Santa Monica resident and internet activist. I became active in local politics in Feb. 1989 through the Public Electronic Network (PEN) and when the city pulled the plug on Pen I ran for City Council the first time.

The phenomenal growth of computer networking, what Alan Toffler calls the information revolution in his book, the"Third Wave", and the spread of the World Wide Web has given us internet surfing, web blogging, pornography, E-bay, Craig's List, Amazon, social media and a variety of interactive electronic interfaces that disseminate information, levels the playing field of information exchange and exposes bigotry, hoaxes propaganda and dis-information (Fake News).

Knowledge is power, whether it is truth to power, or not, as shown by tabloid journalism, talk radio and FOX News. All of this contributes to America's divisive, and often deviant, cultural image.

My top priority for Santa Monica is to Implement a Virtual Town hall on the city website to be the first municipality to provide free internet service to enable citizens to have direct input into policy making decisions, and transparency in order to hold city officials accountable by exposing incompetence, conflict of interest and corruption in city government.


OBJECTIVE: To continue my airline career with supplemental charter airlines in a rapidly changing travel industry.

I was previously employed by American Trans Airways and worked Hadj, refugee, prisoner, United Nation peace keeper and military flights into Mideast, North Africa, Bosnia, Jordan, Timor, Cyprus, Darfur, Kuwait Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam.

Prior to that I worked for Intercontinental Airways providing the only civilian air transportation under difficult and sometimes hazardous conditions during civil disturbances in N'Djamena, Tchad.

MILITARY:         United States Navy

EDUCATION:    California State University at Northridge.

                         Bachelor of Arts – Behavioral Science

CREDENTIAL:   District Intern Program - LAUSD

TRAINING:         Peace Officer and Flight Attendant qualified


  Los Angeles County: Deputy Probation Officer

  California Youth Authority: Parole Agent

  L.A. Unified School District: Pio Pico Middle School - 8th Grade

  Intercontinental Airways: Flight Attendant Manager

  American Trans Air: Flight Attendant

  Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District: Substitute Teacher

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Bio and Statement - Yuliana Miranda Mendoza

I would like to submit my application for delegate. I am Green Party member living in Los Angeles. I joined the Green Party in 2016 and have been active with the San Fernando Valley Greens efforts for community engagement and have canvassed for the Kenneth Mejia for Congress for District 34 campaign and other Green campaigns in LA.

Some of the issues I care about are sustainability, universal rent control, and animal rights. In Los Angeles, I am also part of the Solidarity Interpreters Network where we do solidarity interpretation for the Los Angeles Tenants Union and other social justice organizations.

Outside of activism I am a language tutor (EN, SP, IT, RU), interpreter (EN-SP), and tour guide.

I hope to become more involved with the Green Party at the national level and believe this is a great opportunity to do so. Thank you for your consideration.

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Bio and Statement - Sue Roberts Emery

As an applicant for the GPUS , I would bring forward a vision of opening young minds to the Green Party as I believe we need to be in the Government classes in the High Schools. Letting the next generation know that the Green Party is a viable party, the ONLY Party , that can help to change the direction of the United States. We have the 10 key Values and we do not take corporate money. The 18 year olds are too young to have been tainted by the Democratic Party rhetoric which poisoned many against the GP 18 years ago. They saw Bernie get taken out by the super delegates and they are ready to challenge the establishment rules and are looking for a place to join in. I would love to help open those doors and help our party grow younger every year!

I was campaign manager for my husband Ben Emery in his run for the CAD4 seat in 2010. We had 50 high school students helping with our campaign in our sister towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley. It was amazing to witness , I would love to help ignite that fire again. I helped Ben start our Nevada County Green Party in 2010 , but cancer struck our family in 2013 and we needed to step back for awhile. In 2016 we reinstated the NCGP once again and I have been on the County Council where we hold regular meetings each month at our Government building. The time is now for the Greens to seize the imaginations of the hopeful youth. I am an activist first and foremost and I look forward to seeing many of you in the streets as we stand up for Single Payer Health Care, Banning Glyphosate in California, and getting Money Out of Politics.

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Bio and Statement - Cynthia Santiago

Experience in the Green Party:

- Green Party member since 2002. Registered Green first time registered to vote, stayed Green since then.

- Green Party state assembly candidate, November 2010; 2nd place, 18% of the vote

- GPUS Delegate, 2011 to present; GPUS Alternate, 2009-2001

- Campaign Worker for Green Party Candidate Josefina Santiago for Santa Monica City Council, November 2002

- Featured in LA Weekly article about young Greens

- Member, GPUS Latinx Caucus

- Member, GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee

Experience outside the Green Party:

Virginia Park Youth Involvement Project, Santa Monica, California

Youth Advisory Leader, July 2001 – January 2006

  Worked with City Staff and Architects on Youth Design team for Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center. Conducted youth focus groups regarding programming for newly built youth center.

Santa Monica High School Associated Student Body President, 2002-200

Wes Prisoner Resource & Education Project (WesPREP), Middletown, Connecticut Core Member, January 2004 – December 2006

  Worked to implement college-in-prison program for Connecticut prisons; organized the Wesleyan Prison Education Symposium in 2004. Aided the volunteer program in local Connecticut prisons where Wesleyan students led workshops for prisoners; organized the prison education series.

- Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School

- Member, Latina/o Law Student Association.

- Program for Legal Assistance in the Exterior (PALE), Mexican Consulate, Los Angeles offices.

- Law Offices of Cynthia Santiago; solo law firm focusing on immigration and criminal defense; 2010 to present http://cynthiasantiagolaw.com/about-cynthia-santiago

- Pro-Bono legal work, the Immigrant Youth Coalition, Justice for Immigrants Coalition and Dream Day.


I am a strong believer in social justice and the environment. I will do my best to advance the Ten Key values and represent the Green Party of California. I have consistently voted in GPUS National Committee votes and have periodically participated in National Committee discussions.

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Bio and Statement - Tyan Schesser


As a Delegate my goal will be to strategize and organize for the purpose of expanding the participation and advancement of the Green Party. Our current political system is held captive by the two party system and the expansion of the Green Party is our strongest option to break free from a government continuously ruled by corporate profit driven elected officials who do not work to serve the people. By helping voters have viable green party candidates, and increasing the public awareness of the Green Party's strength as a 3rd party, we can start to crack open a broken system and make way for a government that truly serves the people and cares for the planet rather than profiting greedy individuals and keeping us in perpetual wars which is accelerating us toward destruction.

Experience and Skills:

Campaign Coordinator, Angelica Duenas, Green Party – CA29 Congressional Election, January 2018 – Present

  • Coordinate with Canvass Captain and volunteers for signature gathering to be on the ballot.

Field OrganizerKenneth MejiaGreen Party – CA34 Congressional Election, Dec 2016 – April 2017

  Managed west region of the district by supervising, training, and recruiting volunteers, organizing phone banks and door knocking, contacting key neighborhood allies, and initiating meet and greets in the district.   

  Strategized with core team to prioritize and schedule canvassing activities and increase voter turnout.

  Supported media team by managing communication, coordinating interviews and publications, and conducting interviews for social media promotion.

  Utilized NationBuilder, Facebook, Slack, PDI, and social media to coordinate and plan campaign activities.

California School-Age Consortium – Senior Trainer, 2011 – Present

  Deliver professional development for “out of school time” program staffs, with additional certification in English Language Learners program and Science Action Club.

  Provide coaching and technical assistance via phone, email, and site visits.

  Strategize and collaborate with state agencies developing out of school time leadership.

  Use internet-based platforms for admin, reports, data, and remote communications with collaborators.

Los Angeles Education Partnership – Community School Coordinator, 2013 – 2015

  Supported 3 LAUSD pilot schools by surveying, strategizing, and planning with teachers, students, and partners for interdisciplinary projects, college access, student-led conferences, and internships.

  Initiated public relations and partner recruitment by managing social media and targeted outreach.

  Managed relationships with businesses and agencies such as Linked Learning, Glassell Park Neighborhood Council, JAXX Theatricals, and UCLA After School program.

  Led collaborative job skills workshops culminating in mock interview events with 200 11th graders, 30 business professionals, and 5 partner agencies.

Community Corporation of Santa Monica, Affordable Housing, 2009 – 2013

Resident Services Coordinator

  Organized with residents and partner agencies to build community by coordinating employment services, adult education, English language instruction, financial literacy, computer literacy, and youth services.

  Planned monthly workshops including recruiting presenters and managing contracts and budgets.

  Launched annual college bus tours for students to visit California Universities with their families.

  Created marketing and administrative documents such as: weekly reports, attendance logs, waivers, contracts, and registration documents.   

UP-Grade Coordinator (homework assistance program)

  Created and implemented customized homework assistance program (called “UP-Grade”) in affordable housing community rooms, promoting a culture of academic success among members and families.

  Supported parent capacity building and modeled as a peer advocate by joining IEP and school meetings with the goal of increasing parent self-efficacy.

  Provided individual assistance for students’ college and financial aid applications.

  Trained, managed, and mentored program staff and volunteers.

  Wrote UP-Grade policies and procedures program manual.

Beverly Hills Physicians – Event and Promotional Marketing Coordinator, 2007 – 2009

  Generated leads, contacts, and consultations by coordinating trade show presence in LA area.

  Hired, trained, and supervised event staff.

Carney Educational Services, 2005 – 2007

After School Program Director

  Managed and supervised staff for 7 sites including coordinators, teachers, and substitute teachers.

  Hired, trained, and coached 30-40 person team to provide quality after school programs.

  Managed relationships with school administrators, partners, parents, and stakeholders.


After School Site Coordinator, John Burroughs Middle School, Queen Anne Elementary

  Managed 4-7 staff members program delivery of curriculum, instruction, snack, and supervision.

  Managed communication with parents, teachers, administrators and central office.

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Bio and Statement - John Schmit

I would like to serve as a GPUS Delegate because I have been passionately committed to advancing the growth of the Green Party in California.

This country needs a viable alternative to the corporate duopoly dominating the political scene in the United States. The Citizens United Supreme Court decision altered the political balance to favor the 1% deep pocket elite and gives them an unreasonable advantage and influence over the rights of the citizens of this country. The grassroots nature and values of the Green Party are the only things that can possibly persevere and change this dreadful condition.

I intend to faithfully reflect the will of California Greens and the GPCA while serving as a Delegate and will be transparent and forthright in representing and expressing the views of California Greens and their party.

I was a life-long advocate of the “lesser evil” political philosophy and regularly voted on the left side of the ballot firmly believing that it was the best alternative. I awoke in 2012, realizing the result of my efforts had resulted in electing a lesser evil government that was expanding military incursions, bailing out Wall Street and not the homeowners, and that skin color did not make a President more soc-centric.

Totally disillusioned with the mainstream parties I re-registered Green in 2014, and then Bernie came along and I once again I swallowed the hook line and sinker. When Bernie failed to get the nomination I joined the Stein campaign and did my utmost to convince people to vote Green.

Since becoming active in the GPCA, I helped reactivate the Stanislaus County Green Party in the fall of 2016, and currently serve on the Stanislaus County Council. I served as a delegate for the 2017 Kern General Assembly and the 2017 Ventura GA. I currently serve as a 2017-2018 SGA delegate.

I want to continue to bring my grassroots electoral experience to the state-wide Green Party in an effort to elect more Greens to public office. I strongly believe that to effect political change, we must amass political power at the local level, which will lead to state-wide power. Giving Greens the ability to apply the Ten Key Values across California and will further our Green values.

Thank you for considering my application. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.

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Bio and Statement - Fernando Serrano

I live in Tulare County, a county in California’s Central Valley where the agricultural and dairy industries have a strong presence. Our county is dominated by conservative politics, which has often excluded from the political dialogue the majority of its population, much of which is composed of immigrant workers and their families. While the Democratic Party claims to represent these workers and their families, it has not invested the time, energy, or money necessary to challenge the Republican dominance in the region. One of the goals of participating with the Green Party of Tulare County has been to establish a strong presence of the Green Party in our communities. For that reason, I took the role of Outreach Coordinator and have been working for over a year now to help the party grow locally and to recruit from the often-ignored Latino population of the region. I now want to bring some of our concerns to the attention of the Green Party of the United States by becoming one of California’s delegate.

I have three main goals if elected GPUS delegate to represent the Green Party of California. First, I want to raise awareness to the many social, political, and environmental challenges that Tulare County and the Central Valley of California are currently confronting and to make sure that the Green Party establishes a strong presence in the region. Secondly, my goal will be to attend the National Meeting to work closely with delegates from throughout the country to bring about the reforms necessary to make the Green Party a strong, competitive, and viable alternative to the two dominant parties. Finally, my third goal will be to promote a direct and constant communication with delegates and county chapters from other parts of the country to provide mutual support in achieving objectives at the local, state, and national levels.

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Bio and Statement - Terence Tovar

I have been a Green for over 10 years now. I am currently a member of our County Council here in Fresno. I maintain and sponsor our County website. I offer my home as a meeting place for our Chapter when possible. I work locally to attend events to spread the word about the Green party. I have helped fellow members in the past with getting to events outside of our local when possible. I attend when I am able and I intend to go to the national convention this year. Vision: These are unique times politically in our country. People now more then ever are looking for something beyond the duopoly. Within all this chaos there is also opportunity. Now is the time. I see it and I can convey it. Based on this my vision for our Party is growth…growth with specific two-year goals. My belief is what we need to focus on now is are two objectives, funding and political victories at a Congressional level. To this end I would call for 1) A national commitment to get one Green into Congress in 2020 and 2) A national fund raising campaign with a target of $1 per Green (average) nationally. In California alone this would be over $90,000 alone. These funds could then be spent in part to help a Green win a Congressional seat somewhere in this country. A Cheri Honkala in PA and/or a Kenneth Mejia in CA come to mind. A Congressional victory would show anyone that we can win and this would be a valuable asset to all Greens when talking to others about joining us.

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Bio and Statement - Violet Rose Zitola

VISION: I am a life-long active Green, having served in various positions at the local, state, and national level for nearly 20 years. The most valuable contribution I make to the Green Party is working with the broad set of personal political connections I have made as a Green Party activist over the years, both inside and outside the party. I'm in this for the long term, and intend to be a dedicated green for as long as I'm on this planet. Fundamentally, politics is about people, and I deeply honor the network of dedicated Greens that share our values. My primary goal as a national leader is to be sure we are as prepared as possible, and in the strongest position leading up to the 2020 election. I have a major role in the Salt Lake City convention with exactly that goal in mind. I will continue my work supporting the PCSC as well as the ANMCom, and intend to devote more time and attention to the Lavender Caucus as a queer trans woman.

Note: If I am elected to both Delegate and Alternate positions, I would prefer to serve as Delegate.


My first experience in the Green Party came just before the 2000 election, when I attended a super-rally for Ralph Nader on the Boston University campus. I consider myself a life-long Green, and can proudly say that I've voted in every presidential election in which I've been old enough to vote, and never once for either a Republican or Democrat.

I was an organizer for Jill Stein's 2002 campaign for Governor of Massachusetts, and was an active member of the Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) of Massachusetts for many years. I was one of the founders of the Nashua River Green-Rainbow Local, and served several terms on the GRP State Committee (equivalent to the GPCA-CC). In 2004 I ran for the Massachusetts State Senate and was included in several televised debates.

I was a co-founder of MassIRV, a statewide coalition to promote Instant Runoff

Voting. I worked directly with two elected state legislators who filed several bills to implement IRV in Massachusetts elections. I gave many public talks and ran several mock elections, ultimately giving formal testimony to the Election Laws Committee. At one point, in a private meeting with nearly a dozen state legislators, I was able to thoroughly explain IRV and argue that had Massachusetts been using IRV in the 2002 election, Mitt Romney probably would not have been elected governor. The democratic primary had included several very strong and popular progressive democrats who ended up splitting the progressive vote and losing to a conservative democrat. She won the primary with only 31% of the vote, and had such weak support statewide that she ended up throwing the election to Romney, and the rest is history. Despite all that, they refused to support the IRV bills, which eventually died in committee. This experience galvanized my current position that working with democrats is utterly futile and we should run all-out campaigns to elect greens at every opportunity we have.

I was the national scheduler for Jill Stein for President 2012 from the beginning of the campaign up to the Baltimore convention. I worked with greens all over the country, setting up campaign tours and arranging for Jill to attend as many state conventions as possible. I spent many hours on the road with her, through more than a dozen states, and meeting greens everywhere we went. I spent countless hours on conference calls, discussing logistics and strategic priorities with some of the most active greens nationwide. As a result of this, and many conventions and gatherings over the years, I now have contacts and friends in many state parties. I appreciate the opportunity to put all those connections to work as a GPUS delegate.

During my previous term as a GPUS delegate, I served on the Presidential Campaign Support Committee, and was recently appointed to the Annual National Meeting Committee. There is much work to be done, and our most precious resource is the collection of dedicated Greens all over the country who put in many hours keeping this party alive. I am delighted to be a part of this organization.

Outside of the Green Party, I have a diverse technical background in science and engineering. I graduated from Caltech with a degree in Engineering and Applied Science. While I was an undergrad, I did geophysics research, comparing VLBI (quasar interferometry) and GPS geodetic surveying techniques. I also set up GPS station networks to measure co- and post-seismic displacement related to the 1992 Landers and 1994 Northridge Earthquakes. I spent two years as an engineer at NASA/JPL, building full-scale mockups of the Pluto Fast Flyby spacecraft, which later became the New Horizons mission, soon to make our first encounter with Pluto.

Later I joined the IT staff at Harvard University as a Research Computing Specialist, before moving on to do climatology research. My project was to analyze satellite and ground-based rainfall and streamflow data, looking for evidence of climate change. Sadly, a large grant from the Bush administration diverted my research group before we could get results. After leaving academia, I joined a startup company lead by one of the co-founders of Tesla Motors, where I developed and built lithium-ion battery packs for electric cars.

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