Green Party of California positions on Statewide Propositions - November 2018 General Election


Prop 68: 'Authorizes Bonds Funding Parks, Natural Resources Protection, Climate Adaptation, Water Quality and Supply, and Flood Protection.'

Prop 69: 'Requires That Certain New Transportation Revenues Be Used for Transportation Purposes. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.'

Prop 71: 'Sets Effective Date for Ballot Measures. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.'

Prop 72: 'Permits Legislature to Exclude Newly Constructed Rain-Capture Systems From Property-Tax Reassessment Requirement. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.'


Prop 70: 'Requires Legislative Supermajority Vote Approving Use of Cap-and-trade Reserve Fund. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.'

For details on these Statewide Propositions, see the California Secretary of State’s page for Qualified Statewide Ballot Measures.

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